Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Out of the Innsmouth

Crawling out of a well shrouded in the color you can't find in the damn rainbow. When the squid-man is talking you down you know you're out of sorts. He told me not to play with Bubbles again and sent me to the Keeper the Mayor Cat.

Don't try and hide behind that pipe smoking fisherman facade. You look like a damn cigar stand. I can smell the muck of Devil Reef on you!

He told me I was brought back for a reason. The temple is older than ancient, and it's almost ready. Two months. They must come. They must see. But they must also breathe. They're working on that.

I'm to spread the word and spread to those who spread it more.

I had one condition.

Not without my sister.

He laughed and I heard her screaming as she fell up from the well.